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See Something Say Something

Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to part two of…. MUSLIMS ON TV!!!! (now featuring an echo effect, naturally). We’re focusing on a web-series made with an antiracist model from Break the Room, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, and Powderkeg Media. “East of La Brea” focuses on Black and Bengali Muslim women in a context of a rapidly changing Los Angeles. Sameer Gardezi of Break the Room and Margari Aziza of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative join us to discuss how they made the show.

Patrons this month get access to additional conversation with Sameer and Margari for an insider perspective on Ramy, Patriot Act, and how the industry grapples with critique around gender and race. Find us at Thanks to our patrons for supporting the show.

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Our music is by the Kominas. Our editor this month is Basim Usmani