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See Something Say Something

Mar 27, 2020

Corona has thrown M Train (and all of society) for a bit of a loop. So we threw the script out for this episode and called up Dr. Ahmed Hozain, a surgical resident and researcher currently working in NYC, to talk about COVID-19, convincing your boomer parents to stay home, and virtual jum’ahs. Then, we returned to a simpler time before pre-isolation, when we interviewed North African dance teacher Esraa Wardah about her work decolonizing dance classes and building spaces that decenter whiteness.


Because of Corona, M Train may experience some delays. Please be patient.


M Train releases bi-weekly and each episode focuses on New York City metro area and the stories of American Muslims that can be found on and off the subway.


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This episode featured music composed by Myra Al-Rahim and from Freesound. 

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