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See Something Say Something

Feb 13, 2020

Welcome aboard the M Train! A new six-part miniseries from See Something, Say Something and BRIC Radio– a Brooklyn-based audio network that amplifies community with podcasts ranging from LGBTQ stories and radio plays to a monthly audiovisual magazine celebrating our beloved #Brooklyn.

Each of the six episodes of M-Train focuses on New York City metro area and the stories of American Muslims that can be found on and off the subway.

Our debut focuses on the work of two sex educators redefining the place of sex and intimacy in Islam. 

For our first stop, we head to Brooklyn to speak to Sid Azmi about her journey from radiation therapy to business woman and sex educator, running a “educated pleasure shop” in Park Slope..

Here’s where to find it, in case you want to visit:

Then, we speak to Wazina Zondon about navigating queerness, sex, and Islam. Wazina is a sex-ed teacher and co-creator of the storytelling performance Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of love. Check it out here and follow her @wazinazondon. If you have any questions, going through a hard time, and just want to talk to someone, get in touch with and remember these wise words from Wazina: “You're fine. You're great. You’re normal. No version of your Islam is wrong, nor is any version of your sexual identity. You don't have to apologize or fix or adapt to somebody else's version. Just be patient with the people around you.” <3

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This miniseries was made with the generous help of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts Building Bridges Program. You can learn about their mission here:

This episode featured music composed by Myra Al-Rahim and from Freesound. 

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