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See Something Say Something

Mar 13, 2020

This episode, we head to Brooklyn to eat some Trinidadian food and talk about the dialogue between Black, Desi, Carribbean, and Muslim cultures within the island and its diaspora. We pick up some dhalpuri, buss-up-shot, and doubles and then wash it all down with sorrel, a tart, hibiscus flower drink. Throughout the episode, we talk about the way Trinidadian cuisine is a dialogue between Indian and African cultures and why the roti shop is as much an icon of NYC Muslim culture as the halal cart. Featuring: Johnny Ali and Kerrie Bissoon of the Utica Avenue Ali’s Roti and fashion designer Nzinga Knight of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. 

Follow Nzinga on Instagram @nzingaknight and @brooklynbrewedsorrel. Head to to learn about her fashion work and head to to order Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. 

Follow Ali’s Roti Shop on Instagram: @alisrotishop or give them a visit at 337 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn.

M-Train releases bi-weekly and each episode focuses on New York City metro area and the stories of American Muslims that can be found on and off the subway.


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This episode featured music composed by Myra Al-Rahim and from Freesound. 

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