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See Something Say Something

Sep 24, 2019


You know that catchy jingle that starts our show? That’s by The Kominas, a punk band that’s been influential in South Asian and Muslim scenes. One of the guitarists, Shahjehan Khan, is a longtime friend of the show who has been open about his issues with mental health and addiction. There's a new Kominas album too this month, "The Systems Are Down," so we bring on Shahj to discuss about his struggles with addiction, how he’s turned around his life, and releasing the album on September 11th. Warning: we discuss include depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, and related topics.

Also--We’re bringing “Halal Or Not?” back, but this time we’re helping our listeners make halal not decisions. Call (646) 50-HALAL and tell us what you need help figuring out--we may call you back to figure it out live on the show. 

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