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See Something Say Something

Mar 23, 2018

Nowruz Mubarak! Whether you call it Persian New Year, the Spring Equinox, or something else, it’s a time for renewal and refresh celebrated by folks from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and more. And so we decided to take a deeper look at how Afghan immigrants celebrate the holiday. First, we talk to political analyst Muhammad Shafiq Hamdam for a quick explainer on Nowruz and its history. Then, we talk to Mina Maqsudi about celebrating Nowruz away from home and learning from her Farsi students. Finally, our producer Rona Akbari chats with Ahmed about the joy of the haft sin.
Special thanks to Solmaz Sharif and the New York Persian Cultural Center. Follow Muhammad Shafiq Hamdam @shafiqhamdam. Follow Rona @TheRonaLisa. Follow Ahmed @radbrowndads. Follow the show @seesomething and Find more episodes at Email us at Our music is by The Kominas, follow them at @TheRealKominas and

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