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See Something Say Something

Mar 30, 2017

Arabic is a part of pretty much every Muslim's life, whether it’s in the salaams they share with their family, in their name, or it’s the language they speak at home. In this episode, Ahmed talks with Kamelya Omayma Youssef and Amy D. about what it’s like to grow up Arab versus growing up non-Arab, and the different ways of learning the language—from the Qur’an to “lughat al-Net” (language of the internet). And, they talk about how the sacred-sounding “wallahi” (I swear to god) came to be used to describe a certain type of young, Arab guy known as the “wallah bro." Then, Reeda Saleem and Ahmed talk about people messing up their names, and this weird thing that’s been happening online where people mispronounce the hell out of of Arabic phrases. A staff gorilla.

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